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Re: Tribbles and Klingons

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More just plain disgusted with them, I think (and the feeling's mutual). Tribbles are far too soft and fuzzy for a Klingon's liking (their idea of a pet is a targ, after all). A tribble's screeching must be to a Klingon like fingernails down a chalkboard. And tribbles, for their part, perceive the Klingons as predators and threats (perhaps reminiscent of the predators on the Tribbles' homeworld) and hence aren't friendly to them at all.

That's my theory as well on some level the Tribbles percieve/sense the Klingons as a threat. Though the really important uestion is

Do they still sing songs about the great Tribble hunt?

Though it might need a new verse or two following the repopulation of the species due to a pre-destination paradox.
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