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Re: Virtual Tour : USS Enterprise (1701-D) Deck 1-4 (WIP)

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
And Andrew Probert might still have a few things that could be of help. And he probably might have some good ideas what should go into the unseen areas - after all, he is the father of the Enterprise-D (and unless I'm mistaken favors Ed Whitefire's approach).

Of course I would appreciate Proberts, Sternbach, Okudas, Whitfires... (or whoever originally worked on the ship) input on the matter. I've read a lot of interviews, they gave, concerning their ideas about the ship, but those are rare. Though their participation in this thread is rather doubtful.

BTW, .. I follow your thread and Donnies very closely and I am impressed by your devotion, as well. Great stuff!
It's just that I don't have much clue about the TOS age, on that level. Otherwise I already would've congratulated on your stuff!


little Upadate. I've worked a bit on the ceiling.

Because I came to the conlusion that I started to fake proportions I saw that the bridge is 1.5 meter too short.
The next render perhaps shows that it's too short. Just a meter, but I started to noticed the shortcomings (pun intended). I obviously tricked it away here and there... but it got out of hand. Means I will have to to reconfigure the bridge objects. That's gonna take me some time, but it will be correct by then.

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