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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

^Good choice. The show was pretty mediocre for its first couple of years, but definitely improved later on, since some DCAU veterans joined its staff once Justice League Unlimited came to an end.

Although one thing I regret about the later seasons was the abrupt changes they made in the storyline. The show had been doing some unconventional storylines, focusing on mostly original police characters, particularly Detective Ellen Yin (Ming-Na). Those story and character threads were going somewhere pretty interesting by the end of season 2. But then at the end of the season, all that stuff was abruptly and unceremoniously dropped in favor of introducing Commissioner Gordon and other familiar characters like Batgirl and Robin. It smacked of a change imposed by the network or the studio, maybe out of fear that audiences weren't responding to the new elements and wanted the old familiar stuff. One thing that annoyed me is that they dropped the concept of the Batwave, an advanced electronic monitoring network that sent an alert to Bruce's phone when a crime was reported, in favor of the Bat-Signal, an idea that's a relic of the 1940s and should've been long ago abandoned.

Not that the later seasons' writing staff didn't do good work with the new characters, but I would've liked to see what they'd do with Ellen Yin and Ethan Bennett and Chief Rojas. I wish those characters hadn't just dropped off the map altogether. (Well, Bennett did return briefly.)
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