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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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I think some people judged it for not being BTAS instead of taking it on its own merits.
I agree. True, it paled next to B:TAS, but it wasn't awful, just relatively mediocre for the first season or two but with some interesting aspects, and improving over time.
Just requoting this because, even though i've said a lot about the show, I did just order season 4 from Amazon. Most of my memories of the show are from the early seasons, and a lot of the reviews I've read (even from poeple that hated it in the beginning) were praising it starting around season 3. Plus, while looking up clips a few days ago, there did seem to be some interesting stuff I never saw. So, when I saw S4 on Amazon for a good price, so I ordered it. It was between that and Spectacular Spider-Man Season 1, and I went with this. I like superhero shows so much I figure I should atleast give The Batman's later seasons a chance (I'll probably pick up Spectacular Spider-Man eventually, it gets so much proaise that, regardless of the weird art style, i've decided that I should give it a chance). I went with S4 over S5 because, even though all the team ups sound cool, S4 had some very interesting sounding episodes (plus apparently Paul Dini wrote Harley Quinn's intro episode for this series, and that definately played a role in my getting this season). So, it could go either way, but I'll watch S4 with an open mind.
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