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Re: How long before TNG were the Wrath Of Khan uniforms phased out?

I think it's a no-brainer that, had the TNG movie series somehow miraculously survived past Nemesis, they would have sooner rather than later come up with new uniforms. Regardless of how long-lived some uniforms may have been continuity-wise, production-wise TPTB couldn't stick with a single uniform for more than a handful of years.

TOS regular series (not counting pilots): 3 years
TMP: One movie--effectively 2 1/2 years until the next installment
TWOK+: Technically 9 years or so, but only 5 years before a new TV series with new uniforms was introduced
TNG Season 1 uniform: 2 years
TNG Season 3 uniform: 5 years, or only 3 1/2 before a new series with new uniforms came along
DS9 Season 1/VGR uniform: Technically 8 1/2 years, but only just under 4 years before a new movie series with a new uniform came along (and the uniform on DS9 was changed to match)
FC/Later DS9 uniform: 6 years (5 before a new TV series with new uniforms came along)
ENT uniform: 4 years
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