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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

Albertese wrote: View Post
I still have to wonder about a couple things: What's the deal with the Khitomer accords and the Narendra III business?
As I said, Khitomer is stated as being close to "the Romulan border" but is also described by Azetbur as a "neutral site." In that case it's probably within within a couple hundred AUs of Romulus, probably orbiting one of the companions of its multiple star system.

Don't know about Narendra, but it's shown to be an old Klingon colony two hundred years earlier which suggests the Romulans may have simply annexed the colony when they were expanding out of their home system.

also Why would the Enterprise crew in BoT be shaking in their boots so much if the Romulans were so thoroughly beaten. I got the impression that a war with these guys would be seriously bad news for the whole UFP.
The war with Imperial Japan was seriously bad news for the United States despite the fact that we utterly pwned them and nuked two of their cities.

Picture the Pacific Theatre after World War II if imperial Japan had survived the war intact but otherwise contained -- like Iraq after the Gulf War while still clinging to the creeping social militarism that lead them to try and invade everyone in the first place.

Tomalak wrote: View Post
That just doesn't tally with what's going on in the TNG era though. It's set less than a century after TOS and the films, and the Romulans have been reclusive for virtually the entire time.
Only with respect to the Federation. They've apparently been VERY aggressive against the Klingons and the Cardassians during that time and have developed a surprisingly intense rivalry with the Breen. By the time they got to that point they would have been out from under the Klingon umbrella for a few decades; their expansionist period could have been a more localized affair that didn't involve the Federation at all EXCEPT for a violent clash when Romulus tried to annex the Tomed System.

That map in Balance of Terror clearly depicts the "Romulan Star Empire", which is an area full of stars. It's exactly what it appears to be, a large, galactic power, potent enough to be a very real threat to the Federation should war break out. It depicts the capital star system of Romulus, and their second most important system in the vicinity, Romii. It's like a map of the Federation with Earth and Vulcan marked. The neutral zone was always depicted as a buffer between the Romulans and the Federation along their shared border.
And for all we know, the Romulans call themselves that because their head of state is the Star Emperor.

On the other hand, Kirk's log entry describes the neutral zone as a buffer "between Romulus and Remus and the rest of the galaxy." More to the point, Enterprise is able to travel the distance between two outposts in just a matter of minutes, which would suggest -- based on the map -- that Romulus isn't much more than half an hour away from the neutral zone at maximum warp.

As for the "neutral zone" in the Kobayashi Maru simulation, it doesn't seem to be a buffer zone, because it's full of Klingon ships ready to pounce on any Federation intruder.
More likely that the Klingon ships would be sitting on the INSIDE of the zone and would have rushed into it themselves to engage a Federation ship that had entered it.

Otherwise that sort of runs contrary to the basic definition of "neutral" if only Klingons are allowed in there; technically it wouldn't be "the neutral zone," but "the Klingon zone" or simply "Klingon space."
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