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Re: This Forum Ten Years Ago

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I can't wait to read all this stuff!! Busy today seeing ST:XII for the final time (7nth) and going to a con.

The VOY forum has the second most posts after TOS in the Series forums! It is clearly a demi-god. 1500 posts more than TNG, hahahaha
Could that in part be down to that VOY is one or the more divisive of the shows. That is to say it is equally loved and hated.
It actually seems more hated than loved, or maybe it has equal amounts of lovers and haters, but the hate in the haters is more intense than the love in its fans.

Anyway, Garrett Wang vs. an evil pinata. I saw that movie. Yes it was worse than "Favorite Son" or "Threshold" , though those episodes aren't as horrible as people make it out to be. Maybe those people are allergic to cheese?
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