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Re: Do brands like Dora, Dragonball and DoctorWho mark Hollywoods end?

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Does the OP realize that Zorro was created by an American author and first published in an American magazine and first made into a movie by an American studio? Dora the Explorer is also an American TV show.
Most of Zorro 2005 was filmed in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The point I was making is Hollywood is too expensive to shoot along with all its other issues. Producers are eager now to move their tv or film to Mexico and Canada or even South Africa

Hollywood being over-priced is an opportunity for Chicago or Louisiana or some other city to step it up and show they can be great US film makers

I believe what Spielberg says, a crisis is looming and major studios like Warner Bros or Paramount or Fox are going to see some really big box office flops.
Those other cities will still get payed by businesses that are based in "Hollywood". Going outside of Southern California isn't new. Hollywood importing shows from other countries isn't new either. Star Wars wasn't filmed in Southern California. (Why does Lucas hate America!!!!!???)
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