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Re: Genesis Question

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Hmh? McCoy was arrested for using the word in public - because everybody else in the universe had already been warned not to! We never met a person who would not have known about Genesis, the Famous Forbidden World Where Nobody Can Go And There's Nothing Interesting There, Now Move Along.
You're assuming an awful lot here, Timo. That we don't meet a person who hasn't heard about Genesis is hardly surprising, as a movie has to stay with its plot. And as the plot is driven by the characters integral to it, anything and everything that happens in a film will be tied to them. McCoy was arrested because he used the word in public, but he was a Starfleet officer who had been told not a breathe a word of it to anyone else.

Would civilians have been given similar instructions? We're never shown what they were told about Genesis because it was never depicted on screen. I doubt they were told not to talk about an experiment they didn't understand. Governments don't work that way. If they have something that they don't want civilians to know, they invent a cover story. They don't ask the public not to talk about something they're not even supposed to know about.

Timo wrote:
The Federation might have an interest in keeping secret what transpired at Genesis. Nobody else would. Klingons would probably broadcast their version everywhere, and they would find a highly interested audience.
From whom? Nobody in the Federation took them seriously unless they were brandishing disruptor rifles. The Romulans said nothing about Genesis, nor did the Gorn, Tholians, or any other Alpha Quadrant government. The Klingon Ambassador appeared at the special session where charges were filed against Kirk and his men for their actions surrounding the loss of Enterprise and was not allowed to extradite Kirk for trial. He was humiliated by Sarek after the latter pointed out that Kruge instigated the situation at Genesis by destroying Grissom and killing David Marcus. Kruge's ship also fired on Enterprise, and Kruge himself assaulted a Federation flag officer.

Timo wrote:
Granted, nobody would really know "how to cook" now that the Marcuses had been shut up and down, but everybody would have an interest in finding out. Including those UFP or Starfleet parties who did not yet know, as the defense of the Federation might one day hinge on knowing exactly what a Genesis Wave is.
I agree with this. I'm sure a lot of people- Section 31, for example- would have relished getting their hands on any information related to Genesis and its potential as a weapon. But would they have had an opportunity? David was dead. It's not clear where Carol went after TWOK. Was she arrested for her failure to protect her project? Was she merely reassigned with instructions to never talk about Genesis to anyone for fear that its secrets would fall into the wrong hands again?

Kirk's report was definitely leaked by someone, though it's not clear how. Valkris gave the information to Kruge, but where did she get it? Memory Alpha suggests that she undertook the mission to restore her family name, but no details of how she came by the material are given. It would have been interesting had she actually been a spy aboard Enterprise during the Battle of the Mutara Nebula, but there's no evidence to suggest that's what happened.

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