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Re: LOTR's decade attempt. lets do this!

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Over the last few weeks I've been rereading a lot of my old Moorcock, which is pretty much just stuff written prior to 1976 or so, and trying to digest it in such a way that it all can be seen as logically coherent and water-tight, for lack of a better word. I'm not finding it especially easy. As someone once said, "timey wimey".
In college I tried reading the Elric series. I'd read Tolkien and Leiber by this point (but no Howard, oddly), and I went out and bought the series in the six Ace paperbacks, the ones that looked like this. I bogged down in the second book, and eventually I sold them off at the used book store for, I think, some of the Bard's Tale books.

Five years ago when Del Rey did their six volume reprint of the series in trade, I found the stories more enjoyable than I had a decade and more earlier. Maybe it was because they were in publication order. Maybe it was because I had diminished expectations from my first encounter with Moorcock. Maybe it was because I had read some of Moorcock's non-fantasy work, such as Behold the Man or his epic takedown of LOTR, "Epic Pooh," in the interim.

I appreciate Elric now. But I still prefer Leiber and Lankhmar.
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