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Re: Scotty and his military comment

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Heck, Picard considered Kirk a "cowboy,"
As did Spock.

Pike, in the new movies, seems to think that Starfleet could use a few more mavericks like Kirk.
Which doesn't change the fact that Kirk IS a maverick and is a little quick on the draw -- in every sense of the word -- in addition to being very thoughtful and intelligent. That doesn't neccesarily make Kirk a military man... actually, it makes him a Federation stunt man, the go-to guy they usually call when they need someone to do something suicidally dangerous (e.g. the Enterprise Incident).

I understand the writer's guidelines in TOS and their attempt to show an "evolved" military of the future; later productions, I think, took that sentiment further and realized that the way Trek technology was progressing, the Federation could easily have evolved beyond the point of needing a military at all.
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