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One or the other really tries to separate military from science, i.e. the Klingons’ new look vs. new Enterprise. And it made for a boring story.
That is a complete non sequitur. Correlation does not imply causation. There have been plenty of non-boring stories that have not been about the military, so it's pretty bizarre to claim that downplaying the military aspects somehow caused the story to be (allegedly) boring.

But I don’t really buy into the bigger budget reasoning since TWOK had a smaller budget and was better than TMP. I agree the uniforms look more like dress uniforms but they’re a huge improvement over the pajamas.
Speak for yourself. In TMP, the sets looked like feature film sets, but TWOK's lighting and cinematography somehow made them look like TV-movie sets. A lot of its Enterprise footage was blatantly recycled stock from TMP, and while ILM's miniature work may have been more explodey, I don't consider it aesthetically superior to Trumbull & Dykstra's work on TMP. And I like the TMP uniforms; I don't understand the scorn they get. They're the most versatile, functional, plausibly futuristic uniforms Trek has ever had. They came in so many different varieties for different needs, and had functional variants that other uniform designs have ignored, like radiation suits for engineers and armor for security personnel.
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