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Re: Foundation, empire and robots

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I also think that there were doing things to set up future Foundation books that, for whatever reason, haven't happened. Asimov (chronologically) leaves things at a point where the reader assumes that Galaxia will triumph. Brin makes clear that it's the Foundation that will ultimately triumph -- but he doesn't explain how. I think the Second Foundation Trilogy was designed to get readers to that point, to write the series out of the dead-end that Asimov had written it into. If so, then subsequent books, which would necessarily have to take place post-Earth, would likely explore the conflict between the Foundation (representing free will and individualism), the Second Foundation (representing predestination), and Gaia/Galaxia (representing collectivism) and how the Foundation ultimately triumphs over both. The problem is, we haven't seen those subsequent books.
Brin also sets up future story-lines, there are hints that Daneel is slightly outwitted by his enemies and that either the Seldon we see at the end of the book is a clone/robot or they have a clone/robot of him - what else to make of the sequence where Seldon notices that the rejuv machine they put him in has another chamber which seems to contain another body? That is the logical fit I think (unless I missed something?) and allows seldon to travel 500 years into the future without the time machine *and* still be officially dead.
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