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Inevitable future spectacular catastrophe in the making seen here.

There is a line in THE TOWERING INFERNO from Steve McQueen that goes "Someday we're going to kill 10,000 in one of these things." referring to sky scrapers.

I fear the same thing can be said about cruise ships. Maybe not this particular ship but someday we could loose several thousand people in one of these things. People can talk all they want about safety stabilizers etc. but man vs waves and water has been losing battle since the first cave-man found himself drowning when his primitive dugout capsized.

Unpredictable rogue or "freak"waves are a part of every ocean in the world. The SS Waratah ocean liner missing since 1909 was possible a victim of a freak wave according to one theory on its complete disappearance.

If one of these gets knocked over and I'm not talking a gradual roll over like the Costa Concordia or the Andrea Doria but a sudden swift roll we could be looking at a 9/11 scale tragedy.

Sawyer on LOST-The Long Con

"Looks like the good folks of Island Town are roundin' up a possy and I bet Jack leads the charge in a big white hat."
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