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Re: Do brands like Dora, Dragonball and DoctorWho mark Hollywoods end?

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So I take it you are the arbiter of good taste? If only everyone was as sophisticated as you?
I'm sorry Bill yes you're right everyone has their own taste and yes we should respect that but I still say 'reality tv' is the biggest pile of shit to be ever broadcast

locking a bunch of idiots in a room with a camera or locking them on an island is not a tv show to me

thank goodness for tv like HBO

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recently? Is it Racism Week or something?
Starbreaker wrote: View Post
I can't see the point of this thread through all the racism.
I'm pretty sure the racism is the point.
Whatever you paranoid pc morons

I'm talking about language and education
not RACE as in Ethnicity

I suppose you could accuse me of maybe "Language-ism"
but its not race or racism, you know if you get contract work in France the people do expect you to speak their language, FRENCH.

Let me say it again

The lack of English skills, lack of schooling

I said I have no problem with any foreign person, Latino Americans, White Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans.....all great

What I have said is Hollywood is no longer selling as big in foreign countries as it used to, it competes in places like Korea and Brazil. Hollywood no longer gets a free ride overseas and foreign countries have strong film industries of their own

What I have said is foreign directors, from France, Mexico, Japan, Scotland wherever have made some of the best American movies

What I have said is if you do contract work in Hollywood today, the workers and agents and crew are of lower quality. You can need a translator to work today, in America.

because you have accused me of 'racism' when i have not posted anything racist
I welcome you paranoid politically correct morons to my block list

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What the heck is wrong with Dora? Or Zorro?
Nothing wrong, but I believe America will soon be at a turning point, it will either need to invest heavily on educating immigrant workers or immigrant teen kids in English, American culture or go the opposite way and totally embrace multi-culturalism, multi lingualism whatever. Allowing people to work in Spanish, have Spanish hospitals, have the next governor of California or Florida be a native Spanish speaker. You either have full national unity or full on multiculturalism. A half way measure between the two doesn't really work as the two ideologies are naturally opposed end up fighting each other. The demographics in Hollywood and problems in the film industry only reflect these failed social and political problems. and yes Hollywood is totally over priced, its productions are too expensive, its actors are too expensive. L.A itself has a demographic problem so many washed out wish they were successful 'stars'....the type who read poetry at the local karaoke bar and it has a large looming elderly population. A state needs to make babies if it is to have a future, California's population isn't just getting older but is actually set to shrink dramatically next decade. A looming elderly population is going to cost the State money, put pressure on medical services and the welfare system. This is a State that is already bankrupt, printed their own IOU currency and has the rest of the US paying for it.

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From what I've seen, Spielberg and Lucas have been saying that Hollywood is spending more money on "mega-blockbusters," which is not the same thing as saying locations, actors, unions, etc. are becoming too expensive.
some big names have complained about the cost and quality of doing business today in Hollywood. I will try to find the links and post later

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