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Re: Enterprise question

I, too, have wondered about Roddenberry and Starfleet. I felt like TMP tried too hard to distance itself from TOS. That is, environment and uniforms are very sterile-looking for scientists and explorers. Then in the TNG bible and series, he stresses Starfleet is not a military but a scientific organization. Starfleet looks very military in the movies, though. But for TNG, where he had more control, the series is more diplomatic, peaceful relationships with the Klingons, the phaser looks like a dustbuster instead of a pistol. All good and well if the Ferengi are your only antagonist. But that didnít work. Q Who, I think, took the right approach. Trek is exploration, but as Q pointed out, there are dangers out there. One has to be prepared for that. If Starfleet isnít a military force, who protects Earth? Earth is always threatened in science fiction!
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