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Re: what do people want star trek 3 to be like

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-Brett- and a few noisy others didn't want Khan, and yet Khan has turned out to be one of the best screen villains in recent screen history, and most of the audience members who've been interviewed about it cite both Khan and the actor who played him, as virtually making the movie. So from now on, I want tptb to continue to ignore what Trekkies like -Brett- want.
I was one of the people ranting loudly and obnoxiously, because I think TWOK is overrated, and that Old!Khan's supposed awesomeness is a purely informed ability.

I loved STID, I loved BC's Khan.

So...moral of the story, they can pick up stuff I rant about, as long as they turn it into something cool. I want a ST film to be entertaining and well-made and well-acted. The particulars are not that important to me, it turns out.

Well, of course, I am a sucker for villains that are both awesome and good-looking (one of the reasons I always cheer on the T-1000), so if I'm going to wish for something in particular, that's it.

Seriously though, some actual space exploration would be good.
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