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Re: How long before TNG were the Wrath Of Khan uniforms phased out?

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Again, you're misunderstanding me. Let me try to be as clear as possible about this.

1. If they had continued with the TNG movies right after Nemesis, yes, I agree that they would have continued using the same FC uniforms, because there'd be no reason to not use them. I agreed with you on that, but stated that that wasn't my point.
But that was my point, and the only thing I was talking about.

See next entry.

2. My point was, if they had made a new TNG movie seven years after Nemesis, instead of Star Trek '09, then by that time all the previous uniforms and props would have been sold off and the production department would have had to start from scratch anyway, just like Bad Robot did. Since it would have been seven years later, there'd be no reason to replicate uniforms, props, etc. from Nemesis. Same thing if Star Trek '09 would have had scenes from 2387 in the prime universe. The comic tie-in shows that the TNG crew were wearing uniforms from Star Trek Online, obviously in an effort to promote that video game. There's no reason not to assume that if there were future scenes in ST09, or a new TNG movie set in 2387, those would have been the uniforms we would have seen.
Oh no, I disagree with that. No, I doubt very much they would have sold off the existing uniforms and props if they were going to continue to make TNG movies. They would have kept those and sold off the things they were no longer going to use anymore.

And what happens in Star Trek Online would have no bearing on the movies, in fact, it would be the other way around.

3. Now I'm really done. Really.
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