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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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You might be able to watch them on feed from the TV episodes since those should be coming out in September. But unless a subbing group does something, there won't be any subtitles until late October. Unless one of the limited edition holders does something with their mail ordered copy which they'll get sometime in September.

I wonder about the various international crowd that will be their in the theaters in late August. Will they be able to order a Limited Edition BD and get it shipped out of the country. Or will they have to have it set to a Japanese mailing address and then shipped to them.
Well, there are already groups out there that have the movie version up like this one that I had posted previously:

There are a lot of others too... Also, it seems they are using the BD versions since it has the subtitles already and some maybe doing the subtitles if they have the DVD version. I noticed on a few eps at one site that some of the eps, the subtitles were off key or did not work for at least 5 mins. So some probably did re subtitles for them. Like the ones in the link I gave here.
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