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Re: The only reason to have a Starfleet Academy...

You can't have military training without camaraderie.

I suppose you could have a network of holodecks all connected with each other so it feels like you're all in the same place. But it's not the same if you don't have to leave your comfort zone for the training, and holodecks are still a luxury in the 24th century. There isn't one on every block. They're only on top of the line starships and expensive luxury establishments.

The best scifi is about human nature, but not necessarily about the real world. When they try to make a direct allegory to some current event is when they fail the hardest. Scifi allows writers to write about their opinion of humanity's true nature but removing humans from a recognizable modern context and real events. It puts humans in a totally novel situation completely unlike the real world and guesses how they might react.
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