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Wading in to murking waters here. In NEM Riker was given command of a ship we never see. The USS Titan. In 2005 there was a contest for the USS TItan pocket books. To design what the ship would look like. Now this is the books so it's canoncity status is shakey.
As I understand canon, the books aren't shakey, they're completely outside. From what I gather from the few fans I know who still read the novels, the story line has venture so far outside the continuity of the shows/movies that they're basically in their own separate science fiction universe now.

If (very unlikely) there were ever a series based on Captain Riker of the USS Titan (younger actor), odds are the ship in that series would look nothing like that ship from the contest on the novel covers. And the ship's crew would be different that those depicted in the novel stories.

That simply doesn't pan with the official stance of the relaunch novels unless you're talking about something entirely different.

The relaunch novels and the Path to 2409 story archs are endorsed episodes. I won't use the term canon because that term itself is excessively subjective.

The thing of it is, while it may not be exceedingly practical, it would be really awesome if a new series came out that was based on the relaunchs and Path to 2409 --- the biggest amount of work is already done and endorsing these franchise through a live action series would do some really neat things for Trek but most importantly reduce the cost a lot. That whole development stage of story line is already done going that route.
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