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Re: How long before TNG were the Wrath Of Khan uniforms phased out?

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1. And I disagree with what you disagree about. They made brand-new uniforms for the Kelvin's crew and the nuEnterprise crew, not to mention brand new cadet uniforms, K. Maru training uniforms, etc. if the TNG prime universe had been shown (Spock Prime came from seven or so years after Nemesis), they would have made brand-new Starfleet uniforms too.
Sorry, but no. New uniforms were made for the new Abrams movies because there were totally different people behind it that had to create everything from scratch. That wouldn't have been the case if they had just continued to make TNG movies instead. They would have kept the existing uniforms, sets, etc., and would have saved millions in the budget.
2. No, it's not saying the same thing.
It really is.
3. This discussion seems to have devolved into a pissing match, so I'm going to gracefully bow out.
Not really, it's still a civilized discussion, but good day.
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