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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Here's a quick overview of how I plan to proceed at this point and what some other people are going to contribute, especially the Commander, a.k.a. the Citizen:

1. Finish 2D plans.
2. Detail bridge module and hand off to NightShadow for interior work.
3. Build simplified 3D test model to verify proportions in perspective views.
4. Make any necessary corrections to 2D plans.
5. Have the Commander begin detailing 2D plans.
6. Build detailed 3D model using 2D plans as templates.
7. Provide unwrapped UV templates to the Commander for texturing.

Commander, what I have in mind with respect to detailing the 2D plans is for you to do something similar to what you did with the original Grandeur design. I'm looking for your take on markings, insignia, hatches, emitters, gridlines, panels, and any other surface details you think are appropriate. I'm not talking about the textures that will be applied to the model so they don't have to be photo-realistic; simple color diagrams added to the 2D views I am creating should be sufficient. I will probably also let you lay out most of the windows.

The final texturing process will be a project unto itself, so let's save most of that for when the time comes.
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