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Re: Do brands like Dora, Dragonball and DoctorWho mark Hollywoods end?

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Hollywood has become too expensive, way too expensive. Costly locations for tv, highly paid actors, unions etc.

Hollywood faces competition now. Also kids today are exposed to all kinds of brands on their phones, on their emails, stuff like Pokemon is stupid but it sells and I also believe something of a multi cultural shift is happening across many parts of the world and maybe in the United States of America too with movies like The Legend of Zorro, The Intouchables, Hero or Pan's Labyrinth making money at the box office.
Is this a bad thing? And I'm not quite sure what your argument is here. I think you're arguing that these movies were made by "non-Americans." And, to my knowledge, none of the movies you listed were major successes.

The Intouchables, which I had never heard of and in fact, first assumed it was a typo of The Untouchables only made $10 million in the U.S. Box office (Source: Box Office Mojo, compared to about $416 in the Worldwide market.

I believe we will see more foreign television series like Lost Girl.
So, again, is this a bad thing? You mentioned Doctor Who in the thread title, and personally, if American TV learned from the British model of shorter seasons and more creator control, it might not be a bad thing.

Hollywood needs an answer. Making mindless cheap tv is not the answer, like some American Singfactor Idol bullsht or some stupid Survivor Island show.
Yes, but people do watch it. People also watch The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Scandal, etc. For what it's worth, The Walking Dead does film in Georgia.

Hollywood itself no longer has American people in it, they aren't baby boomers anymore, no families are making US babies. You go there on contract to work and its all Chinese and all Mexican. I'm all for diversity but sometimes things get to a stage where it gets ridiculous.
At what point does it go from "diversity" to "ridiculous"? You mentioned Pan's Labryinth earlier, which was made by Guillermo del Toro, who is behind Pacific Rim, which has generated a lot of buzz before it's premiere. It seems poised to be a major break-out movie this summer, is that a bad thing because the director is Mexican and many of its stars, including Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba are British?

Nobody owns property anymore, they are all renters, you need a translator to do business.
Did anyone really ever own property? I'm not sure about movies, but in the comic book world, creators such as Siegel and Shuster (and later, their families) have had to go through court battle after court battle for their share of Superman.

I think Hollywood could make big money if they moved their productions like other shows have done, you make your series in Chicago , Jacksonville, or Boston or say do something similar with the tv series Dallas or tv series Trueblood.
And this is based on, what? How will making shows in these cities benefit Hollywood. And what about the movies and TV shows that are filmed in these cities? Chicago Fire is filmed in Chicago. And, so were the Nolan (oh, no, a British director, the horror!) Batman movies.

From what I've seen, Dallas does a lot of filming in and around Dallas. How would a show about Dallas, Texas benefit from shooting in Boston, Chicago, or Jacksonville?

I see your point, a little with True Blood, as it seems to be filmed in Southern California. But, with the setting of the show being Louisiana, neither Boston nor Chicago would be a good place to shoot. Maybe Jacksonville, but what does Jacksonville offer that would make it a better place to shoot than Southern California?

Not that I'm saying Trueblood and Dallas are the best shows on Earth. I wish Hollywood would see beyond L.A, NewYork and SoCal.....there's a whole other world out there and America is a diverse place and so many other states have a lot to offer.
Okay, so there are all these locations. Are you sure these towns and cities want Hollywood productions filming there? Here in Florida, The Punisher filmed in Tampa. I'm not sure it benefited either the city or the film.

I'm having a hard time not summarizing your argument as:
  • Hollywood shouldn't look to other countries. It should look to 'Murica!
  • Foreign directors are ruining Hollywood
  • The American public should watch more 'Murican scripted shows and not reality TV (this might be the only point I fully agree with you on).
  • When filming American movies, with American directors, and American casts, Hollywood shouldn't film in LA or NY, they should film in Chicago, Boston, and/or Jacksonville
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