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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Even though I think Jake White is a better coach I don't think he'll get the job. Australian fans want the Wallabies to play like the AB all the time and White's South African mentality, which is far closer to European, might be tough to sell. Not to mention the very ugly side of nationalism that has dogged Deans would continue to be an issue. I've already read comments by people at rugby sites that go along the lines of "What's worse than a Kiwi? A saffa" in relations to the Wallabies coaching job.

In the bigger picture it would also be better to keep Jake White at the super level as it would help keep the Brumbies competitive. Australian top level rugby coaching stocks are already pretty thin and if White moved up we would probably see McKenzie leave QLD completely and end up overseas again.

Edit: Just read that Ewen might be going to the Rebels so might not lose him if White gets the job.

Other news from the Rebels is that today they've announced they are cutting O'Connor loose at the end of this year. Even with O'Connor's issues I've found this new surprising because I was under the impression that the Rebels were also losing Beale to the Tahs. Maybe Beale is staying afterall because you wouldn't think the Rebels could afford to lose both of them. As for where next for O'Connor, the Force would probably be his destination if he's to stay in Australia.

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