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Re: What is your least favourite TNG film

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Sela is the closest thing Picard had to a "nemesis" in TNG. And with it being the last TNG film, would have been a re-union of sorts to have Denise Crosby.
Or they could have used Tomalak, also an nemesis of Picard
I would have totally been down for that. But Tomalak never seemed EVIL though. Just someone who was more a rival and adversary of Picard, than an out and out nemesis. I don't see Tomalak wanting to commit genocide. Rather, he seemed more like someone who wanted to beat Picard for the glory of besting a worthy adversary that he has a grudging respect for (whether he admits it or not).

Sela, however, just straight up hated Picard's guts and her own human half. I can see her wanting to destroy Earth.
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