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Re: Do brands like Dora, Dragonball and DoctorWho mark Hollywoods end?

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Hollywood has become too expensive, way too expensive. Costly locations for tv, highly paid actors, unions etc. Hollywood faces competition now. Also kids today are exposed to all kinds of brands on their phones, on their emails, stuff like Pokemon is stupid but it sells and I also believe something of a multi cultural shift is happening across many parts of the world and maybe in the United States of America too with movies like The Legend of Zorro, The Intouchables, Hero or Pan's Labyrinth making money at the box office.
I believe we will see more foreign television series like Lost Girl.
Hollywood needs an answer. Making mindless cheap tv is not the answer, like some American Singfactor Idol bullsht or some stupid Survivor Island show.
Hollywood itself no longer has American people in it, they aren't baby boomers anymore, no families are making US babies. You go there on contract to work and its all Chinese and all Mexican. I'm all for diversity but sometimes things get to a stage where it gets ridiculous. Nobody owns property anymore, they are all renters, you need a translator to do business. I think Hollywood could make big money if they moved their productions like other shows have done, you make your series in Chicago , Jacksonville, or Boston or say do something similar with the tv series Dallas or tv series Trueblood. Not that I'm saying Trueblood and Dallas are the best shows on Earth. I wish Hollywood would see beyond L.A, NewYork and SoCal.....there's a whole other world out there and America is a diverse place and so many other states have a lot to offer.

so your main points are:

> hollywood is too expensive

> its biggest threats are email and pokemon

> despite being too expensive, it needs to stop making so much cheap stuff whilst also spending more on shooting in other cities.

> america is a diverse place, but there's too much diversity for your liking, despite the success of films from other countries.

or is it just too many chinese and mexicans for your liking? your 4th poll option "Demographics, L.A film will fall to a tsunami of never-married foreigners" seems pretty xenophobic too.

> hollywood needs an answer.

and also a coherent question

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