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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

15 to go and the Lions up by 20, I'm going to call it now. The Lions put on their best performance and the Wallabies put on their worst. Lions looked far more desperate and had the intensity, so maybe the Lion's call that the Wallabies played their grandfinal last week might not be too far off it.

Jesus, they just scored a pathetically easy try to Roberts with a simple run from a lineout.

This is an incredibly disappointing way to end the series. Can't help but think what could have happened if Beale wore better boots or Leal played out the first test, but in the end the best team has won the series.

Edit: The Lions got another try and it was 41 - 16 in the end. Not the ending anyone would expect to such a close series. The forwards were absolutely dominated, the scrum was a shambles and the backs didn't get anywhere near as much ball as they needed. Even when they did have the ball the Lions defence was outstanding.

Shame to see Folau get an injury, but Mogg stood up well in his debut. Made a good break, but lost the ball in a fantastic ankle tap. He also took over a lot of the place kicking and his tactical kick into the Lions corner was an example of what he can bring.

Looking towards the Rugby Championship I don't see Deans changing much. The new players he blooded have done well. The biggest question will be whether he continues to push O'Connor at no.10. My Brumbies bias has me wanting to see some more Brumbies join the squad, but really only Nic White has a reasonable chance of making the extended squad.

Also this results will continue the speculation about whether Deans will see out the rest of the year. If the RC is average or a disaster he'll have no hope as there is coaching review after the RC. Wouldn't be surprised if the QLD push for McKenzie starts tomorrow.

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