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Re: Are the bluray's the versions where you can choose...

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From what I've heard, there are some episodes where this feature doesn't work correctly ... something about the new sound mix and the re-recorded opening theme still being there in the original version.
As a matter of fact I had such an instance the other day on Shore Leave. Thought it was a problem with my player, though.

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I don't know in which thread I read about those errors, but it was somewhere on this board. Maybe someone can shed some light on this matter.

So, you're from Berlin? Mario de Monti, eh? You know what, a few years ago I had a job right around the corner where the actor who played this character lived. Saw him lots of times and I really had to hold myself back not to ask him to sign an autograph. But this was his private life, and I think it would have been very inappropiate to bother him.
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