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Re: Should Illia and Decker have survived ?

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They thought they'd pass the baton over to Decker ?
That was the plan, yes. Shatner had an option of staying, leaving, or going to semi-regular guest star as the Admiral.
I actually thought this was the cleverest thing about the Phase II treatment. They knew Shatner wasn't a given, so they incorporated a back-up captain into the format documents.

Riker was always pretty much destined to remain the the trusty Number One right through TNG from conception to reception, but Decker was always more like an heir-apparent to the Enterprise captaincy. Even though ultimately they decided he was expendable in the final movie.

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Except Decker wasn't an ass. And Illia could fly a ship.
But wasn't Sulu actually the one flying the ship? As for Decker, it's hard to know if he was an ass or not. He clearly wasn't in the best of moods for most of TMP, but that's probably Kirk's fault for taking his ship away from him.
ISTR wasn't there talk that he was Matt Decker's son? So while it's clear Kirk had some pull in getting Will Decker the captaincy, and Decker certainly resents it when Kirk shows up again, it's also possible that there might have been latent feelings because of Kirk's involvement in the incident where his dad was killed (even though obviously Kirk didn't kill Matt Decker, Matt Decker killed himself).
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