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Re: [spoiler], Harrison, or Tonto [spoilers]

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Which was the most controversial portrayal of an Indian?
Ricardo Montalban portraying Khan Noonian Singh;
Benedict Cumberbatch portraying John Harrison, an alias of Khan Noonian Singh, albeit perhaps plastic surguried into a british/white fascimile;
or Johnny Depp portraying Tonto, in Indian makeup?
The Khantroversy is overblown in my opinion, considering a) how little we actually know about Khan's ethnic makeup and b) How little we actually know about Johnny Depp's home planet.

Seriously. Apart from the fact that Depp could easily pass for Indian even without the ghost dance makeup, he could easily BE part Indian somewhere down in his family tree. But even in that case, it would be about as khantroversial as a Korean actor playing a Chinese character (or vice versa) on the mostly correct assumption that mot white people khan't tell the difference anyway.
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