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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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More to the point, Kirk ALSO has a role as a diplomat and has acted in that capacity half a dozen times. For the same reasons, he isn't literally a diplomat either.
Actually, he explicitly stated he wasn't a diplomat.
And Bones explicitly stated that he WAS, remember?

She has way more than five seconds to respond so it isn't because she's being rushed at or has a deadline to give an answer.
She's in the middle of a heated argument with twelve other people over the subject of "What are we gonna do about that starship that's coming here to confiscate our life's work for no reason?" That's not exactly the time to make a point-by-point rebuttal of your jackass son's philosophical (and ultimately misplaced) aversion to militarism.

She tells him she disagrees with his interpretation of events; she never gets into what his interpretation actually IS. Given what we recently came to find out about Carol Marcus' background, that interpretation is probably something like "Granmpa finally got his wish, Starfleet has become a military, and now we are their pawns."

If nobody was listening to him Carol would've ignored his request to pin down who authorized the new orders.
She did ignore him. Which is why DAVID was the one who asked that question, not Carol.

That's just confidence on his part bolstered by the small success of the Genesis cave. We only know from the follow-up movie that on a large scale it doesn't work.
And we also know why: because David used protomatter in the Genesis Matrix, a substance which no ethical scientist in the universe would ever risk using on a large OR small scale.

Which makes sense, since most of David's assertions are based more on confidence than on actual fact.

The sustained threat of war in TOS and TOS Movies would indicate that Starfleet spent an equal if not greater time deterring the enemy from striking than engaging in science and exploration.
Except deterrence isn't a full-time job. A NOAA vessel armed with nuclear warheads would still act as a nuclear deterrent even if it spends ninety percent of its time mapping the sea floor and surveying population numbers of minke whales. When all of a sudden Finland decides to declare war on the United States, the science vessel hoists the launcher up on the deck and fires off a couple megatons of rocket-propelled Don't-Fuck-With-Us; Finland goes back to doing whatever it was doing before it got nuked, and NOAA goes back to charting the sea floor.

I'm not just being glib here, on some level it's a basic consequence of the advantages of advanced weapons technology. When you can condense the ability to glass an entire planet into a five foot metal box and plug that into a slot on the outside of your hull, then the type of ship that CARRIES that box becomes much less important than the type of people who are running it. Nuclear weapons in particular are powerful enough that a person with no military training whatsoever could still successfully use one to destroy an entire city; phasers and photon torpedoes are hundreds of times more powerful than nukes. In fact, given episodes like the Omega Glory and Whom Gods Destroy, I suspect the Federation is alot less worried about its fleet being ready to defend them than it is about its fleet not being tempted to misuse those weapons either through carelessness or malice. It wouldn't be merely political, but a practical concern: the only people they trust to carry those weapons are the people LEAST inclined to use them in anger.

But food for thought, in "One Little Ship" the scientific assignment had a military reasoning:
WORF: The data collected here could provide Starfleet with the key to creating transwarp corridors through space. It could give us a substantial tactical advantage over the Dominion.
I'm not sure to what extent that is the actual reasoning for the mission as much as Worf being... you know, Worf.
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