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Re: How long before TNG were the Wrath Of Khan uniforms phased out?

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Then you'd probably lose your money. Nemesis was 11 years ago. All the costumes have long since been sold off.
Because Nemesis was the last TNG movie and no more were going to be made. Had they continued to make TNG movies in 2004, the odds are good enough to put money on that they would have continued to use the uniforms they had, but ultimately with more variants as I said earlier.
Yes, I agree with you there. But that wasn't actually my point.
It certainly was mine. I'm coming from the position of Star Treks XI and XII as TNG movies.
I was stating that if a new TNG movie were to be made now, they would not be using the FC uniforms, even if the internal timeline had the new film take place not long after Nemesis.
I think if a new TNG movie were to be made now, it would definitely be the last one ever. Can't see them expanding the budget just to introduce brand-new uniforms for everyone that would be used only once unless the plan was for a new 24th-Century crew to carry them into the next (post-TNG) movie.
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