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Re: Why hasn't CBS or Paramount just taken over a fan series or two?

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So long as no one profits from them, or deliberately rips off the fans, fan productions are tolerated because they are seen as many people's introduction to the franchise.
Well, that's not exactly correct.

Fan films are not allowed to make any money whatsoever, not just money that results in a profit. If it costs about $50,000.00 to make an episode, it might be construed that CBS becomes concerned only when we have earned $50,000.01--a one cent profit above our costs to produce it. That's not correct: we're not allowed to make any money whatsoever. Our top line must be zero, not just our bottom line.
So how did Renegades get away with having a Kickstarter? I realize that that isn't quite considered earning a profit if people are willing to send in money to fund it, but it's money nonetheless that isn't coming from the producers of the fan production, something I'd think CBS would frown upon.
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