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Re: Olympus Has Fallen trailer (Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley J

The President is a traitor and deserves to be executed.

Sure he didn't give up his Cerebus code, but the cryptogram breaking his cypher would have been irrelevant if the other two codes hadn't just been handed over because of some lite gentle threats.

The President should have killed the other two, or the other two should have killed him. One life in exchange for 300 million. Or 2, or 3 lives in exchange for 300 million?

How sad is it that Speed is a smarter movie than this?

In a situation where the hostage taker seems to have all the power, the first thing you do is shoot the hostages.

They say that the bunker is nuke proof.

But is it?

Is it really?

The Vice President should have nuked the white house once they realised that it was only a matter of hours until their arsenal was compromised, and seriously no one on the Yank team considered that they were accidentally inventing the Osterhagen Principles?

Fire ten nukes at Washington, save the country, and stop the invasion of South Korea.

The sheer WUSSINESS of this Administration, the utter lack of insanity or mania is just asking for further and similar attacks from more creatively enterprising young terrorists.

If no one believes that you are willing to destroy the world cause you're having a bad day, there's practically no point in having a hundred thousand nuclear bombs, and there's no point in "the other guy" kowtowing to a bully impotently threatening you into being civilized with nuclear weapons which he or she will never use.


Those machine guns that took out the choppers near the end? Where the fuck were they when that plane was mowing down civilians in the beginning?

Terrorists took Bartlett's daughter in he West Wing, he couldn't trust himself not to be wussy, so he tapped the 25th amendment, allowing John Goodman to walk in and Kill a bunch of people to restore order even if it meant someone was going to cut Zoey's head off and she would never get to star in Madmen.


Why not just use an EMP to frakk the computers inside the Bunker?


No, no, it's shielded.

Really? because I think that you're making this shit up as you go along.

Shut up.

Remember in Last resort (oh? No one watched that?) when Chinese Soldiers trying to capture the rogue US nuclear submarine by siege, accidentally slip what little fishing village they're from, and Adrian Brougher targets that little Chinese fishing village, then tells them to "fuck off" or their mommies and daddies are going to melt in fire hotter than the sun?

It's a question of who has the bigger hostage.

The Vice President should have started firing nukes at North Korea until Kang surrendered or he broke the Cerebus codes, oh it's a three headed dog, meanwhile as it stood, better the missiles blew up on their way to North Korea rather than in their silos.

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