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Re: Why can't Ro wear her Bajoran earring?

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^I'm very well aware. Perhaps you remember that in "Hollow Pursuits", Barclay had major issues that were affecting his on-duty performance. The issue here is the simplistic view that some are expressing that Riker was just being a jerk to people like Barclay for no reason...a view that is completely undermined by Riker's later behavior towards Barclay, once Barclay was behaving like a responsible officer.
I understand. I don't think Riker mistreated him for no reason. I think Riker has a problem with people whom he considers outside his professional or social circles. As Barclay was new to Enterprise during the third season, it's not surprising that Riker was on his case. That his performance was also suboptimal made the problem worse. Once Barclay's performance improved, Riker found him easier to accept and didn't ride him as hard.

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