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Medical Update--Possible Setback.

I was going to wait until after my appointment with the surgeon yesterday to post...but I've been struggling through with a possible set back with my foot since the middle of May. I started noticing pain again. Mostly at first with my metal/fusion. Then it spread to the point where my ankle was affected. There have been days where I literally could not walk and basically have been stuck in bed. I have been using my cane again occasionally.

I had an appointment with my surgeon yesterday, but turned out he wasn't even there and had to deal with his students/interns. I had another x-ray done which was negative. This ruled out that my metal is fine and not the cause of my pain. They were just as baffled as I have been there. So they ordered a CT scan for three weeks time, and blood work in order to rule out possible infection.

They speculated that it could be a couple of things...possible ruptured tendon...but I'm not really showing the symptoms or having the reaction for that, and the other possibility was extreme arthritis near my fusion. Otherwise as I said, they really don't know what the problem could be. It has been constant pain since mid-May. As some of you know, due to my most recent report a couple months ago I was finally doing very well...I would daresay the best I've been doing since the surgeries. So now I'm back in flux and waiting. No one has been able to give me answers, so we're going through the process to try and find some. To say that this has been frustration, would be an understatement. I have come to know my body really well, and usually know what is causing something, but in this case, I've no clue. Neither does anyone else right now apparently. So here's hoping.
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