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Re: New Richard Taylor TMP VFX interview

Yeah, if he knows anything more about the recycled aspect or those lightning flash rigs built over the vger set, it'd be really nice to know.

I've always assumed the flashes seen in the air above the set was animation rather than practical, but if those elements were actual physical rigs (like the ones Minor designed and then mentions talking with Trumbull about), that would be one of the more ingenious in-camera illusions in the whole show (by way of comparison, Coppola's DRACULA did something like this with lightning during Harker's coach ride to Castle Dracula, but it was deliberately fake looking, staying on too long and being too artistically shaped to be accepted as the real deal.)

One more thing about the Taylor interview that might be relevant; he goes on & on about having to reboard the movie every time the script changed, that they did three or four passes. Well Minor did at least that many just by himself on TWOK, what with THE OMEGA SYSTEM and the other drafts generated before they got their act together with Meyer. And he did them WHILE doing a decent hunk of designing as well, and probably in a tighter time-frame.

Of course Minor's boards LOOK like storyboards, whereas the Abel boards -- the live-action ones reproduced in ART OF STAR TREK and eating up a huge hunk of valuable page space -- just look like a boring comic book, with a lot of unneeded detail.
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