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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Aside from a couple of episodes DSN wasn't on the frontline, it might have been close to it, but it really didn't take the same pounding week in week out that VOY did.
It was a major staging point for a War and more or less a Major Sector HQ point. It would've made more sense for the place to come under attack more often and be more damaged.

If holding true to its' war story, then the Station should've been taking more of a beating than VOY (which really didn't take a beating most of the time).

i.e they could have done something like

Captains Log supplemental, we have just completed a stop over with the Yoldaran's, where we were able to make long needed repairs to the ship.
Do that, and folks are just PO'ed they didn't see a 2-parter dedicated to the repairs and only the repairs.

You just can't win.
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