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Re: Conversation(s) Heard After the Movie [spoilers, maybe]

It may be true that people hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see, and they describe that as whatever they want to describe that as.

I haven’t read where anyone has said that STID is a “disaster” financially. That sounds like someone's trumped up hyperbole about what people are actually saying, at least the people I've heard and read. The word I’ve read a lot has been “disappointment” with regard to its domestic numbers. $450 million means that it may still have a ways to go to match the last film after you adjust for inflation and the larger production and marketing budgets. There are still 2 more countries that have openings coming down the pike, I believe, so it will continue to add to its current world-wide gross.

Now, is $450mil by itself bad? No. Are the domestic numbers by themselves bad? Also, that’s a no. Might there be a little problem when the domestic numbers, in spite of the “good” reviews and reportedly good word-of-mouth, are tracking behind the 2009 movie? All I can say is it’s something to think about. Anyone who thinks that is something to mock or ridicule could be called “desperate” in their attempts to deny that.

Then we have the people who want to claim that because STID had “competition” (isn’t that every film?) that this is the reason why it didn’t do as well domestically. I think if people want to see a movie, then they see the movie. If they don’t, then they don’t, but who can really say…

I’d rate Man of Steel a little bit above STID. In spite of the film’s many issues, I actually felt something for the Clark character the whole way through and I think the actor did a great job playing him. I don’t know if the numbers for MoS are a disaster, a disappointment, or a major-super success. It was heavily marketed as Chris Nolan’s next film, and considering that the last 2 batman movies both made over a billion each, half that and counting at this point might be good??

Getting back to the topic of conversations heard after the film, I can’t really say. I just remember being relieved because it was finally over. Last film I stayed, though, as well as a number of other people, for some of the credits. I don’t remember any conversations, but I do recall people seeming happy.
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