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Re: Just reread Dreadnaught!

When it first came out, "Dreadnought!" was so fresh and innovative! The first person narrative had not been done by ST tie-ins before. We recognised it as the author having fun with the Mary Sue fanzine trope, but not replicating it. And yeah, Kirk and his colleagues were always way ahead of Piper and her team.

Neither were Diane Carey's political leanings part of any of the early reviews. I guess you can now go through her first two books and find plenty of "evidence" of her politics on display. If anything, there was more surprise that a tie-in novel had come out acknowledging the dreadnought class of starship (and on the cover, no less, and in the title), since Roddenberry had already made some very public, dismissive comments about Star Fleet Battles' so-called "war games" ("role play games" wasn't really a term back then), and aspects of Franz Joseph's work in the "ST Technical Manual", upon which much of SFB was based.

I imagine this novel won't ever seem as fresh to today's readers.
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