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Re: TSFS Destruct Sequence: Why Chekov?

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Was it used like a shortcut? Otherwise, I don't see why it would help space travel. In any case, I hope everyone was treated before the drive was used. Remember what happened while the Enterprise was in that area?
Yes. I would also figure Starfleet would figure out how to enter the interphase without it affecting the crew.

The Tholian Web wrote:
CHEKOV: Captain, we have destroyed the Tholians' web.
SPOCK: Negative, Ensign. Utilizing ship's power has thrown us clear of it. Compute the distance from the original location.
CHEKOV: At once, sir.
UHURA: Have we lost the Captain?
SPOCK: We shall soon see, Lieutenant.
CHEKOV: The ship has been thrown exactly two point seven two parsecs distant from our previous position.
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