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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Wait, according to SI, I thought Mockingbird wasn't really replaced. She dissappeared when she supposedly "died" in the comics, and thats when she was captured, but they didn't have a scrull replacement until those skrulls dressed like old versions of the heroes all landed together and were confronted by the current versions of the heroes. Then, Hawkeye met a skrull with all the memories of Mockingbird, and thought it was her. I was sure they said she was captured by skrulls instead of killed like everyone thought, and that was how they brought her back, not that she was replaced then the skrull replacement killed.

As for Pym, we know he was the one who attacked his wife, based off a conversation he had with Jocasta in some comic right after SI. When they showed the scene where he was replaced, Wasp was in one part and I think, the way it ended up, it was obvious that Pym and her were already at the point where they were completely done. I forget when it was shown (probably in Mighty Avengers, maybe the same issue with the conversation with Jocasta) but they talked, then he went off to screw a random woman, who turned out to be a skrull. All that made it seem to me that he was replaced either right before or after dissassembled.
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