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Re: Dare I Continue?

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I am indeed continuing with the show. Thinking back to TNG, the first season of that show was far worse than the first season of ENT has been so far. If that show was able to radically change gears, then ENT is more than capable of doing the same. Whether it actually does.......well, I'll judge that for myself, but based on what you all are saying I trust that it will.
If I were you, I'd ignore that whole "It takes two years for a Star Trek show to get better" nonsense. It's NEVER been true, and as you will find out when you get there with ENTERPRISE, It's REALLY not true in this case.
Do you not agree that TNG and DS9 improved after their initial seasons? Or even VOY? (which I think marginally improved with each season, until the last two seasons when I think it really blossomed)
Well, there's always room for improvement. That goes for anything. I was just saying that I don't buy into the belief that TNG and DS9 were bad in their first two years. In both cases, they had some really good individual episodes and ideas. Plus, for me, listening to the Ron Jones Project CD collection re-enforced a belief that I'd had for years: that TNG's music was at it's best in the first two seasons, before the "sonic wallpaper" edict was put in place. And, in the case of DS9, without the Defiant, they spent most of their time on the station. Sometimes whole episodes. Since I tend to like "bottle" shows more than planet shows, this helped me to warm up to DS9 alot faster than I did to the other series.

I guess you could say that I'm somebody who doesn't follow popular opinion.
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