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Re: Should Illia and Decker have survived ?

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
I'm glad Phase II was a non starter. I have a feeling it would have been terrible.
I was certainly ready for "the next adventure" a week after seeing TMP on the big screen, and when I got my hands on back issues of "Starlog" with Susan Sackett's regular column, and a copy of "The Making of ST:TMP", I realised how close that series got to being made.

In reflection, I fear it may not have gotten past the 13 episodes. The cast, as described in the "Phase II" Writers' Bible, seemed way overextended for a 70s show. Especially after the original series essentially concentrated only on three cast members. "Phase II" was to have "the big eight" (ie, including Chapel, but with Xon standing in for Spock), plus Rand. And Decker and Ilia. Although Xon was a whole new, quite different Vulcan, I'm sure fan outrage about "Where's Spock?" would have been strong.

A failure at 13 episodes may have meant the end of new Trek forever. Making a leap to the big screen would have been unthinkable at that point.

But, yeah, I was also thrilled when I read the character decscriptions that were sent out to casting people for TNG, and I realised that Decker, Ilia and Xon/Questor had been morphed into Riker, Troi and Data.

Sran wrote: View Post
Was there any possibility he'd have been part of another TV series?
Nimoy's mood at the time? Nope. He was very angry about licensing, and desperately trying to shed the Spock tag. Had the ratings for "Phase II" been huge, they may have thrown him big bucks to do a guest star turn, but it was only Robert Wise's insistence re Nimoy participating in TMP that led to Paramount resolving Nimoy's salary and licensing complaints and he was offered a "favoured nations" contract to match Shatner's. A huge financial incentive.
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