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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

After reading some of Hulk's review, I am struck at how much I disagree with it. The purpose of this origin story was to show Superman struggle to be the man we know. He hesitates to help people for fear they will find out who he is. He doesn't stop hesitating until his father dies in that storm. So the flashbacks serve a purpose. They show us how he became Superman, because we already know he's a "god" on Earth. Lois Lane is there to tell Superman's story, to be a narrator of sorts for him. The attraction is instantaneous, and really unnecessary. But Lane serves a purpose to show that, again, people are hesitating because of how crazy the idea is. She simply is protecting a source. She becomes his first friend outside of his family, the first person to believe in him, she represents the good in society while the military represents the fear, she is the ones that will trust him. Lois has a lot to do in this film. As for "show me, don't tell me" I think some of the worst action scenes in this film are following his rule.

And lastly, let me say that there is a reason that his reference is to a child's movie. People have been watching movies long enough, studied the dramatic structure enough, that they see through, and do not enjoy, when the characters relate the way he wants. If something always happens to the three people on-screen, if a friend is shown and then a problem arises that that friend dies, we see it coming a mile down the road. Go back 15 years and you'll see these stories done the way he wants, sometimes poorly. We are in a post-modernism society of film making. Logic and plot and realism are more important than being told a story. Some celebrate that, some don't. But if I know Superman's journey before he ever takes it, I'm not going to connect with him on any level if it's predictable. He could get what he wants, and the movie wouldn't be better for it.
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