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Re: Are the bluray's the versions where you can choose...

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Yes, but if you don't have a Blue Ray player, and only have DVD, both versions are available in separate season sets.
Except that the remastered episodes with original FX are not available on DVD, AFAIK. With bluray, you get the original episodes with the original FX remastered in HD.

I'm still dissapointed that they won't (for now, anyway) do this for the TNG remastered sets.
They can't do that for TNG. Unlike with TOS, which was mastered on film and only needed to be rescanned in HD, TNG episode masters don't exist on film. They have no choice but to reedit the episodes from scratch and add some new FX. With TOS, there were film masters of the original episodes with all the original FX, but not for TNG.
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