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Re: Favorite Episode

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Mine is oh dear i almost forget episode of ST ooops anyways,

here is

A) Brothers,

B) Chain of Command Part /2, Picard been Capture on Cardassia planet.

C)A fistful of Datas which make me laugh hard.

D)DS9: Cardassians and Rules of Acquisition, Tribunal, Second Skins, The House of Quark, Defiant, The Abandoned, Facets, The way of the warrior /2,Little Green Men, Indiscretion, To the Death, Looking for Par'mach in all the wrong places, Trials and Tribble-ations, The ascent, Empok Nor, Behind the lines, Favor the Bold, Sacrifice of Angels, Shadows and symbols, Penumbra, Till death do us part, Strange bedfellows, the changing face of evil, when it rains, Tacking into the wind, The dogs of war, What you leave behind /2.

E) ENT : Unexpected, The andorian Incident, Acquisition, Shockwave Part 1/2, A night in sickbay, Stigma, Cease fire, Regeneration, Proving Ground, Doctor's orders, Storm front part 1/2, The forge, Awakening, Kir'shara, United, The Aenar, These are the Voyages...and Extinction.

That's it,

I think you screwed up the order, or your recall is bad. Dang it, Q's not in "Brothers"!
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