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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

You're the one who brought it up.
Are you saying that you understood that I mentioned offering the chair as a measure of hospitality and respect rather than a figurative statement?

Is that your problem? The possibility that Christopher's son might have gotten his NASA position because of his pop's influence?
If an episode is to be taken as an example of behavior, values and attitudes promoted by the show, than all such examples must be taken: Christopher and the sergeant. On the other hand, the respect that each character was accorded may simply have been a reflection on how such characters were portrayed in 1960s narratives (and a pilot, even a captain, would enjoy prestige). It would make more sense to compare the portrayal of social relations to other TV programs of the 1960s than to TNG.

Kirk was showing Christopher around until Spock cautioned him about revealing future details to 20th-century people. After that, both Christopher and the sergeant were on a more or less "need to know" basis.
Keeping the sergeant in the transporter room, the sergeant was allowed to observe transporting and food replication.

Of course, once he had experienced matter-energy conversion for himself and been approached by alien life, there were likely few new secrets for the 23rd century to divulge.
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