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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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I've always wondered if G-d's command to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge was just a simple case of reverse psychology.
he knew the outcome either way, presumably. If he didn't want things to happen the way they did, he should have put the tree where it was safe.
I think that's the point that always gets ignored about Genesis. There are things that God never had any power over. The trees and free will.

Genesis is a tale about a tyrant trying to keep his people uneducated. God LIES about the fruits of the tree of knowledge from good and evil: he tells them they would DIE if they ate from it. The snake comes around and tells Adam and Eve that this is a lie. And they eat the fruit, and suddenly they become truly self aware, they became knowledgable. The fruit gave them free will. And they decided to stop running around naked. And when God saw them running around with clothing, he got UPSET. And punished them by exiling them. Why? Because he was afraid there were now also going to eat from the tree of life. Then they would have been JUST LIKE HIM.
He couldn't change anything about the trees, and he couldn't control free will. And that's where he got afraid and started to punish them.

If you read Genesis, it really is NOT about an all-loving, all-understanding God. He is described as a powerful, but still limited creature. That has been my interpretation ever since I read that passage for the first time.
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